let’s talk centerpieces…

I am anything but ordinary, and ordinary centerpieces are not for me. We are wine-o’s and have about 8 million empty wine bottles around. Why toss them when they have so much potential?!

fdcropped-co-house-033.jpgThis is my dining table centerpiece. Call me crazy but I love black. It’s black & white everything for me

Let’s start with the bottles- The 2 green ones are wine bottles, and the black one is a painted beer bottle (wild nights while living in a hotel for a month!….kidding!) The jar is a painted spaghetti sauce jar. I took the label off and saw how fab it was and had to keep it. The tiny one with the cork is from hobby lobby & I painted the inside. The burlap, ribbon and twine are all from hobby lobby- my own personal heaven. The Silver vase and black ball are from walmart. I get stuff for the house from walmart just about never. It’s usually ugly and falls apart in like 5 seconds.. but then there are those rare times when you come across something and it hits you “i have the perfect place for that”. That is what happened with the vase. The black ceramic ball came in a 2-pack. I went on a mad search for black deco balls and the only place that had them was walmart.com. Imagine that. This one just ended up here because I didn’t have anywhere else to put it and i ended up loving it.
my advice is- if you see something you like… GO FOR IT! Unless it’s like purple with yellow plaid, you can make it work!



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